When Reverend Dwight Anders speaks out

When Reverend Dwight Anders speaks out

Last appearance of Dr. Janet Fraiser and Martouf/Lantash.”Ripple Effect” provides examples of the following tropes: Alliance of Alternates: The Carters have to work together to save the day. Color Coded for Your Convenience: The alternate teams who come through the gate are all wearing different colored camo, making it easy to tell them apart. Naturally, the “evil” team are the ones wearing black. Continuity Nod: When the first alternate team comes through, Lam speculates that they could be clones created by Ba’al. Alternate Mitchell suggests that he and his team could have been sent to a fake SGC designed to trick them, referencing the events of “Out of Mind.” The black hole that the wormhole passes through is the one created by the Ori beachhead. Alternate Carter states that the wormhole anomaly is similar to the one encountered in “Red Sky”. The Carters discuss the events of “A Matter of Time”. Dead Alternate Counterpart: Inverted, with Janet Fraiser and Martouf, who have been dead for two and five years respectively in the prime universe, showing up very much alive as part of the desert camo team. Evil Twin: It’s revealed that the black uniformed team deliberately engineered the whole plot in order to cross over to “our” universe and steal the ZPM powering Atlantis. They’re not what I expected.

Abusive Parents: A recurring theme in “Operation Hell on Earth.” Bob and David talk about how their parents were this growing up, and how they want to raise their daughter Superstar better. Then they demand that she keep on working her tap dancing. She grows up to be even more screwed up than them. She later gets revenge, coming back for her younger self, ordering Bob and David to tap. Acme Products: GloboChem. Adorkable: A few of David’s characters, such as Grass Valley Greg, Fartin’ Gary or as himself singing “Superstar Machine.” Almost Dead Guy: Larry and all victims of IDS (Imminent Death Syndrome). Aluminum Christmas Trees: In one sketch, NASA plans to blow up the moon. As ridiculous as that sounds, there was Replica Bags https://www.cnreplicabags.com an actual plan to do that in 1958. Amusement Park of Doom: The Devastator, a rollercoaster that is fatal to those who ride it. A news show covers it like it’s a natural disaster, with local residents all afraid they’ll be killed by it, then inexplicably showing up and standing in line for it. Anachronism Stew: The Founding Fathers sketch about the origins of the American Flag’s pattern, where they invent a design in order to make sure no one ever defecates on it. It features Lincoln talking with a Brooklyn accent, also claiming to have slept with Playmates. Too bad they’re too dumb to realize they’re this. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In the Hanged Man sketch, after Bob’s character finds out David’s (who he tried to murder) might have actually stole his newspapers.. They never say these things are true of Gibbons, so they aren’t actually lying. Attack of the Political Ad: Charles McHutchence and Harrison Greeley III, two rich, successful men who aren’t running for office, keep doing this to each other for no particular reason beyond self promotion. When Reverend Dwight Anders speaks out, they eventually team up against him and drive him to alcoholism. Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: After two guys get into a fight at a bar (“I’m in it for the long run, I’ll marry your stupid ass!”), they get married and spend their marriage insulting and fighting with each other. After one of them finds out the other lied, they briefly separate, apologize and make up… then resume fighting until one of them dies as an old man. Bad “Bad Acting”: Moe Phelps teaches the cast this. Also “Natural Born Drunk: The Ronnie Dobbs Story”, although a bit more subtle. Bad News in a Good Way: The Bad News Breakers, two adorable little girls who are brought in to give people terrible news. Bad News Breakers: Your wife is cheating on you.

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