: It’s a tradition to have [a temple name]

: It’s a tradition to have [a temple name]

Composite Character: The TV series’ character “Grandpa Little” looks and acts identically to the books’ character, “Uncle Pete” (both are fat but extremely adventurous and energetic for their age, playing major roles in every story). However, the books DID have a “Grandpa Little”, but he was skinny, weary, and did not play much of a role in the stories. Conveyor Belt O Doom: Seen in “Prescription for Disaster,” when Dinky Little, under the influence of drugs, winds up in an automated bakery’s cookie machine (he turned it on, thinking the start button was a police call alarm.) After several near misses, Grandpa manages to stop the machine right before Dinky can be burned in the oven. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Ezra, especially in the episode “Chinatown”. Knife Nut: Nathan. The Magnificent Seven Samurai Nave Newcomer: Oh, JD.

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Replica Hermes Birkin Arc Number: Abusively uses many numbers related to computing, architecture, and general online fora mechanics. Sixteen slots of available input and functions which loops to 32 functions after a certain level. Two achievements (1024, 2048) point to another trope. Naughty Nuns: Parodied, starting with her name. She’s middle aged and overweight, but enjoys acting as if she were unaware of this.: It’s a tradition to have [a temple name], and I wanted something that has a nice image to it. So I thought, “Why not choose a bikini?” Besides, it makes me seem younger. San Dimas Time: Justified. The time machine only works over a period of 150 years; the AWB stole it in 2014, so they could only go back to 1864 and no earlier. This prevents them from interfering with the earlier portions of the war, such as the crippling Battle of Gettysburg which is mentioned repeatedly throughout the story Replica Hermes Birkin.

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