” FOX (for reasons unknown) shortened Homer and Marge’s

” FOX (for reasons unknown) shortened Homer and Marge’s

Adaptational Dye Job: Lucy reveals she dyes her hair black to better resemble Great Grandma Harriet and to better fit her lifestyle. Without it she has the same hair colour as Lori. Hanging due to his syngenesophobia. Also Madison, who slips up and calls Vlad “Mommy” at a crucial moment Series Mascot: Judging by the fanart, Madison Set Right What Once Went Wrong: This is what Vlad believes he’s doing in Crack 5 Shout Out: loads to Fairly Odd Parents (and that’s not even counting Samuel’s experiences.), like the occasional mention of Yugopotamia and Jazz not wanting her kid named Victoria (Vicky) because that would make her “icky with a v.” “Is that Godzilla over there? Fighting with Batman and Optimus Prime?” Slash Fic: Duh Suddenly Sexuality: Vlad by Crack 2 when he starts sleeping with Danny in order to keep him happy for the rest of his pregnancy. Danny averts it, he was already attracted to Vlad from the start of the fic. Tangled Family Tree: Not in the main fic, but in her anecdotes that details the family of Vlad and Danny to their grandkids and beyond! Some of the offspring are truly maddening.

replica goyard handbags But parents and educators have shown unease at the idea of allowing guns on school grounds. In a letter to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Sunday, the American Federation of Teachers urged a veto of that state’s pending gun in schools bill, writing that Friday’s shooting in Newtown is a “chilling and heartbreaking reminder” that “firearms have absolutely no place in our schools.”. Homer’s line, “That could be anyone’s pig crap!” after watching the news report about the dumped silo had “pig crap” changed to “silo.” FOX (for reasons unknown) shortened Homer and Marge’s conversation about how Homer mistook 4:00 pm for 7:00 pm (which is when Access Hollywood comes on). When the movie aired on FX on June of 2012, the “Bountiful penis” part was left in (but the nudity was still covered with the “European Version Only” bar), Homer’s middle fingers weren’t digitally removed during the sequence where Homer is stuck in the sinkhole, Marge’s line “Someone throw the Goddamn bomb!” wasn’t altered, and Otto smoking a bong was left uncut. On Australian television, Bart’s penis replica bags https://www.replicasbagss.com being visible and the Police robot committing suicide were both cut. replica goyard handbags

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