The book begins with the main character changing the course of

Power Up Food: Beef enhances a hero’s Brawn score, vegetables boost Health, and fish increases Brains, which makes combat superpowers more potent. These items are in limited supply and tend to be expensive, but they’re good investments, especially early in the game. Railroading: Rather literally, as you’ll need to use[…]

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Also the main reason of taking the kid

Simon and Thomas notice Lucas walking by and call out to him which allows them to reunite. They are reunited with their father shortly afterwards. Nightmare Sequence: Maria has one while in surgery, re imagining herself during the tsumani. Lost in the Maize: Wounded Helen Reed eludes her assailant by[…]

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Counterfeit Cash: In “Old Pap”

Clayton Kershaw is on pace to shatter the strikeout to walk ratio. (Getty Images)2. Clayton Kershaw embodies more than anyone in baseball, even Trout. Be Yourself: At the end of Season 2, Brittnay and Mackenzie resolve to never change who they are to become rich and famous. Even if who[…]

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