Graceful Loser: All things considered

Episode 5 is named Kokoro after a 1914 novel by Natsume S Episode 6 is named Run, Melos! after a 1940 short story by Osamu Dazai. Episode 8 is named Vita Sexualis after a 1909 erotic novel by Mori Ogai. Hot for Student: Ryoko actually likes Roman in return but[…]

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On one hand, Ivy made it back to the towns and Lucius will be

Police Brutality: The band is arrested by the police near the end of “The Message” for the crime of looking like gang members and hanging around a street corner. Political Rap: “The Message” and “It’s A Shame” talk about ghetto poverty and crime. Prison Rape: From ””The Message”. In 1978,[…]

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Freeze Frame Bonus: Upon rewatching

Downer Ending: Smiley successfully reboots his comic and wins the approval of the comic reading public, but the developers at Twisted Pixel swindle him out of the profits by contract, his sidekick Gerda resigns in disgust, and his co workers hate him more than ever. To be fair he did[…]

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