The Plague: Decades before the story begins

I would like the Supreme Court to explain what proportional punishment entails. To be clear, I am not advocating the death penalty; this article does not discuss the merits of capital punishment. However, if we agree that capital punishment exists and it is used as a deterrent, then why would[…]

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Downplayed since Ernie and Craig are in the other room

Evil Counterpart: The Evil Harris is an evil blue version of the good brown Harris. Evil Laugh: The Darkest Faerie does this in the game intro. Evil Tower of Ominousness: The Black Keep Tower. All There in the Script: The same script identifies the real estate agent as Mitchum, the[…]

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Camera Abuse: At the end of The Stinger with Minny and Van

While it also goes to show some of the really gruesome downsides of immortality, Baccano!! explicitly lampshades its Cursed With Awesome status: discovering that most of the Martillo and Gandor family gangsters mistook the two bottles of the elixir of life for some celebratory wine, Maiza attempts to apologize for[…]

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