When Reverend Dwight Anders speaks out

Last appearance of Dr. Janet Fraiser and Martouf/Lantash.”Ripple Effect” provides examples of the following tropes: Alliance of Alternates: The Carters have to work together to save the day. Color Coded for Your Convenience: The alternate teams who come through the gate are all wearing different colored camo, making it easy[…]

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All Your Powers Combined: A rare villainous example

When Jin Pyo starts meeting Chun Jae Man, Sang Kook is even willing to assist Yoon Sung secure the top secret 1983 Pyongyang raid documents. Dramatic Shattering: Na Na shoots a bullet that goes through a window and into Yoon Sung’s shoulder. Dramatic Unmask: Young Joo whips off Yoon Sung’s[…]

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